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HVH Magnum Opus
Size Range: Huge over 9 inches or 23cm
  • Производитель: Hybridizer: Black Charles
  • Наличие: шт.
  • Теги: Magnum Opus
Оценка: 0.0
CVname: HVH Magnum Opus
Origin: USA California
Mother: Stolen Kiss
Color Group: Blue
Father: Moonstruck
Sgl/Dbl: Single Cartwheel
Hybridizer: Black Charles
Reg/Mini: Regular
Grower: Black Charles
Date Registered: 1/22/2014
Size Range: Huge over 9 inches or 23cm
Set Seed: N/A
Color: Color of Veining: Grey, Color of Spots and Splashes: None, Eye Zone Color: Red, Number of Colors: three, Number of Rings of Color: three, Color of Stamen Pads: Orange,
Bloom: Form of Bloom: Recurved early and flattens out, Bloom Features: Ruffled and Tufted, Petal Overlap: more than 1/2, Veining: mild, Substance: excellent, Duration: 2 day, Presentation: Lateral to upward,
Leaf: N/A
Bush: Bush Development: Rapid Growing, Bush Size: Tall 6-9ft 180
Photo Credit: Charles Black Copyright 


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