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Size Range: Miniature = < 5 Inches 125 mm
  • Производитель: Hybridizer: Sinclair Curt
  • Артикул:
  • Наличие: шт.
Оценка: 0.0
CVname: Chads
Origin: USA Florida
Mother: Opening Act
Color Group: Red
Father: Unknown
Sgl/Dbl: Single Cartwheel
Hybridizer: Sinclair Curt
Reg/Mini: Mini
Grower: Sinclair Curt
Date Registered: 2002-12-31
Size Range: Miniature = < 5 Inches 125 mm
Set Seed: Yes
Color: Entire bloom red streaked with pale gold. No definable eye. Red Style with White Stigmas. Reverse gold and red.
Bloom: Heavy texture, complete overlap, slightly tufted, open, holds color, good bloomer year round.
Leaf: Thickly foliated, medium color and texture, small size. Shiny. Orbiculate, crenate, obtuse
Bush: Medium height, upright, strong, bushy, vigorous, well-branched, sun or shade, own root.
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